Newcastle International School

Across our four school divisions: American, British, International Baccalaureate, and National divisions. We help students reach the highest levels of academic achievement, expand their horizons, and make the most out of their untapped potential.

Core Values and Beliefs

Core Values & Beliefs: • Our Community is Founded on Ethics, Integrity, and International Global Mindedness • Our Education is Student-Centered & Outcome-Based • We Value Student Individuality & Praise Learner Autonomy

Our Mission

We empower each student with an outcome-based, student-centered education.

Our Vision

We prepare noble leaders.

Word from the CEO and General Manager

Dr. Yasser

Dr. Yasser



Our best feature is our teachers that are highly professional and knowledgeable individuals, who, through their hard work, passion, dedication, and perceptiveness, continuously drive our school forward.

Dr. Amany Hassan

Dr. Amany Hassan

General Manager


At NewCastle, we are dedicated to providing a safe and prosperous learning environment that ensures students receive the best support to learn, grow and succeed. Student learning, collaboration, and success are the primary focus for everyone at NewCastle, and we are very excited to welcome you to our community

Explore what Newcastle can give you

Enroll your children in a growth-oriented environment where they can develop their academic skills & characters. Our school has a very flexible tuition discounts system which you can benefit from, get in touch now to explore your options.

Frequently Asked Questions

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