Tap into a community that empowers future generations

Access a culture that fosters curiosity, diversity in career placement, and prepares students for the real world.


Newcastle’s school calendar is designed to make room for the exploration of a diverse set of fields. Starting from a large career fair where parents advise students on the possibilities of the real world and to a quaint diversity day where students of all backgrounds and nationalities can exchange cultural staples and tapestries. Our students get to enjoy learning about the world through fun and exciting events.


Newcastle places a huge focus on allowing students to become fully equipped to thrive in an ever changing world. Our state-of the art robotics and science labs powers their scientific thinking, our theaters help them express themselves in a safe environment, and our sports facilities and events enable them to explore their sportsmanship competitively.


The Newcastle community boasts a huge number of lawyers, influential business figures, world class engineers, professional athletes, gastronomists, and scientists. Newcastle routinely invites them as speakers for career fairs and other advisory events. Our aim is for our students to extract the highest amount of practical and theoretical advice for any career aspiration they express an interest in.

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Enroll your children in a growth-oriented environment where they can develop their academic skills & characters. Our school has a very flexible tuition discounts system which you can benefit from, get in touch now to explore your options.