Newcastle School british Division

Welcome to the British Division

We offer Pre-IG and IGCSE certifications for all interested students who wish to complete their education via the British system. By adhering to world-class teaching methods, we ensure that students get the best possible educational journey that allows them to advance their academic skills, pursue their desired careers, and excel in personal & professional areas of life.

Mrs. Rasha Khalil

Mrs. Rasha Khalil

British Division Principal


At NewCastle, we are committed to offering our students the guidance and support they need to perform exceptionally well in the British education system. The IGCSE system allows students to explore their potential through an array of subjects that helps them define their scope of interests, sharpen their academic skills, and have the opportunity to join the world’s best universities.


Cambridge Foundation

Cambridge English Qualifications are in-depth exams that make learning English enjoyable, effective and rewarding. Our unique approach encourages continuous progression with a clear path to improve language skills. We have qualifications for schools, general and higher education, and business.

Program Overview

The Cambridge framework provides curricula for the key subjects of English (or English as an Additional Language), Mathematics, and Science. Other subjects are based upon the English National Curriculum. They include Art, Geography, History, ICT (Computers), Music, Physical Education, and Personal and Social Education..

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